An exceptional vineyard


Located in a emblematic champagne vineyard, the “Côte des Bars“ is distinguished by the quality of its exposure. A gift of nature associated with the talent of men, the entire vineyard with an area of ​​21 classified hectares  is planted with noble grape varieties, Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay.


The fruit of constant and meticulous sounds, they are also the guarantor of high quality wines while differentiating themselves from other houses thanks in particular to the production of “cuvées“ made from Pinot Blanc, a very rare grape in Champagne.


The vines have been present in Champagne for 60 million years. Our house benefits from a composition of the soil and a perfect climate allowing to offer wines of high quality. These soils worked every year with passion and enthusiasm are guarantors of the development of prestigious cuvées.

In 1973


Beginning as a winemaker and passionate about the world of wine, Cristian went above and beyond with his darling Josette to develop their own Champagne and build their brand in 1973.


This passion was passed on and shared with their daughter Angélique and their son-in-law, Frédéric, who continue to develop the best wines with the same consistency in qualities, aromas and values, from one year to the next.


Today, they perpetuate and transmit in turn, this same knowledge and the same love for their Champagnes to their two daughters, Mélanie and Marion.


In the respect of the Champenois Craft


The Champenois territory is imbued with a strong identity, marked by the specificities of its soils and its grape varieties, as well as by its climatic conditions under oceanic and continental influences. We keep this strong identity in all assemblies made by the house.


The vintage Brut Nature, a blend of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc combining a zero dosage and a maturity in cellar of 4 years is a perfect example of what we produce. We also have a very wide range of vintages, majority Chardonnay and Grande Reserve, majority pinot noir which are kept in our cellars based in Fontette and St usage. We still sell vintages today from 1990 for our oldest to 2011 for our most recent. Each year is different and reveals quite impressive aromas.


Each vintage is a great wine and has a capacity of conservation and very important aging. We cultivate all our vineyards in a dynamic of permanent improvement of our viticulture techniques. We have a policy of respect for nature, which is why we are committed to sustainable viticulture for more than 30 years.


As far as production is concerned, since 2016 we have been implementing the HACCP charter, in order to improve our production techniques and above all to obtain the most accurate traceability of all our Champagnes. This charter is a guarantee of quality and traceability, especially for our international markets.


Combining modernity and



Step by step today to promote our Champagne ...

Respect for tradition does not mean rejection of modernity. To improve our production techniques, we use tools at the cutting edge of technology.


We develop our quality production in oenological facilities where modern stainless steel vats and traditional vertical presses mix.


The long-standing vintages, the mastery of winemaking without malolactic fermentation and the production of a blend rosé with explosive aromas are the symbols and the signature of the house.


Champagne Cristian Senez

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