In the heart of the Côte des Bar

The Cornoyer" is the name of a plot nestled in the heart of the Côte des Bars. Exposed, facing south, it is worked with respect for the soil and the environment, values ​​dear to our home.
Evidence: an isolated vinification, a singular bottle adorned with a sublime setting.

You discover the first cuvée of a collection of exceptional Champagnes. Over the next few years, you will have the pleasure of appreciating the subtlety of the nuances associated with careful selections.

The house Senez wants to be precursor. This unique cuvée in Champagne is the first vinification of Pinot Blanc without malocatic fermentation, with an extra raw dosage.


Harvest 2014

From the 2014 vintage, a meticulous selection of grapes was needed to select the best berries. A particular weather with a rainy summer but a sunny harvest, allowed us to take full advantage of a strong year in particularities.

With pleasure and curiosity, we saw our creation flourish over tastings.

"The Cornoyer" will transport you to the heart of a wonderful taste journey.


This exceptional wine is born from a love of grape so rare in Champagne. Pinot Blanc represents less than 1% of the surface in Champagne, perhaps the prestige of our cuvée.
The end result of exceptional years, numbered and elaborated in small quantity, is reserved in priority to our best clients under allocation.


And Champagne

Be surprised by its ample and explosive mouth followed by a splendid mineral finesse supported by a citrus attack with magical notes of Yuzu, white fruits and white peach.

But, like a jewel in its case, its nose reveals a journey on the Indian road with the scents of Kaloupile leaves from the Reunion island (also called curry leaf), the fragrance of Combawa and the nuances of Kumquats.
Then let this wonder express itself and a touch of anise and lime blossom will complete these intoxicating scents.
ts low dosage and its superb structure will be able to accompany the most demanding dishes but also the most expert taste buds and will give this fabulous impression of freshness as only the marine scents know how to give.

Cornoyer Association with the signature dessert "la Smith", best pastry chef in the World and MOF 2007 during Team Bocuse's lunch.

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